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A Selection from the Collection

Here are some of the many interesting things in the Ickeny Collection.
This list is being updated constantly, so come back another time and see what's been added!

Saint Christopher charm

Saint Christopher Charms

EAMMM : 2019.22
EAMMM : 2004.32

Wolf and Head SaucersEAMMM : 2019.15.1 and 2019.15.2

The Good Wolf: King Edmund

EAMMM : 2019.15.1 and .2

Roman coin showing the wolf suckling Romulus and Remus and the tutelary goddess, Roma.

The Good Wolf: Romulus and Remus

EAMMM : 2006.1.2

Vasudeva Katora - Krishna's Siphon

Vasudeva Katora
- Krishna's Siphon

EAMMM : 2017.27

Medieval Pilgrims' Ampullae

Medieval Pilgrims' Ampullae

EAMMM : 2005.25 to .29

Silk Spirit Trap

Silk Spirit Trap

EAMMM : 2018.3

Fragment of the Berlin Wall

The Magic of Hope: A Fragment of the Berlin Wall

EAMMM : 2005.31

Bone scoops or apple corers

Bone scoop or apple corer

Bone Scoops or Apple Corers

EAMMM : 2004.1
EAMMM : 2018.2

Porcelain pudding dolls with a twist

Pudding Dolls

EAMMM : 2005.47

Festival of Britain Souvenir Badge

Festival of Britain Souvenirs

EAMMM : 2016.16 etc.

Lemon Charm

Lemon Charm

EAMMM : 2016.22

Tibetan silver pendant prayer wheel

Tibetan Silver-plated Pendant Prayer Wheel

EAMMM : 2004.34

Iceni Silver Coin

Iceni Silver Coin

EAMMM : 2004.39

Noise-abatement spell

Noise-abatement Spell

EAMMM : 2015.3



EAMMM : 2016.20
EAMMM : 2017.31

Masonic Apron and Sash

Masonic Apron and Sash

EAMMM : 2004.20.1
EAMMM : 2004.20.2

God's Eye

God's Eye

EAMMM : 2004.5

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