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Lemon Charm

EAMMM 2016.22

Lemon charm

The lemon charm is described by Leland in his Aradia: Gospel of the Witches (1899) as employed by Italian strege (witches). Lemons are sacred to Diana as, according to Leland, they are to oranges as the Moon is to the Sun.

A green (unripe) lemon is used - otherwise it will rot. With due ceremony to Diana, the lemon is consecrated and stuck with pins of many colours to bring good fortune. Should any black pins be used, the good fortune will be tempered by minor negative events. (The 'gift' of ill fortune would be represented by a lemon full of black pins.)

Over time it dries naturally to a hard, dark ball, still exuding its good influence.

This example was made with a green lemon brought specially from Cyprus, and has had a suitably good effect!

Material: natural lemon; pins
Diameter: c.50 mm
Date: early 2010s CE
Place: Norwich

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